Interior Branding and In-Shop solutions

Table Runner

An easy and affordable way to brand your event. Our table runners are printed on fire retardant TETRIX Superflat Dual Coated material. No sewing required as the cut material does not unravel. Liquid repellent and can be washed with a wet cloth.

Sample sizes: 
30x85cm = 450
40x105cm = 670
50x155cm = 1 200
85x155cm = 1 950
105x155cm = 2 450

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Table Cloth

Make any table into a sharp looking marketing tool with our table cloth. The corners are attached with VELCRO(R) Brand hook & loop tape so that the branded cloth can be transported on a roll. Measure your table top and suggest how low you want the sides to go. Made to order. Please ask for offer.

Measure table top X+Y
Mention preferred height Z

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Pelmet curtains can brand everything from warehouses to head quarters in a affordable and stylish way. Turned to the outside they also work as company signage. Printed on fire retardant, TETRIX Superflat Dual Coated. Delivered flat, recommended fastening with clips. Sizes can be tailored.

105x85cm = 1 350
155x85cm = 1 950
200x85cm = 2 500
300x85cm = 3 880
400x85cm = 4 950

155×105 = 2 450
200×105 = 3 250
300×105 = 4 600
400×105 = 6 200
500×105 = 7 800

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Fabric Frame

All sizes of fabric frames for walls. The aluminium frame construction can be extended to any size. The graphic is easy to change as the picture is attached with VELCRO ® Brand hook & loop fasteners, Printed on our sophisticated TETRIX SuperFlat™ Dual Coated material. The system is only 16mm thick and can be attached to any wall. Sample sizes below:

104×144 cm = 5 900
104×188 cm = 7 200
104×238 cm = 8 700
104×288 cm = 10 350
104×382 cm = 13 200
154×288 cm = 12 950

154×432 cm = 18 450
154×576 cm = 23 800
154×720 cm = 29 150
154×864 cm = 34 500
154×1008 cm = 39 900

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Sealing Hanger

Sealings are an often unused opportunity for branding. With our systems it is easy to reclaim this area for your use. Sealing hangers of truss are a light-weight solution that looks great and is affordable. Choose to hang by wires or attach directly to the sealing. Use several hangers to divide areas and make the most of your branding project. Sample sizes below:


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Clothes rack

With TETRIX innovative systems you can build both long term as well as temporary solutions for your needs. We produce a whole range of products tailor made for our customers. As all our innovative building blocks can be shaped and re-shaped at no extra cost we can offer super fast delivery and great prices on our solutions.

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Changing room

Need a small hide away or perhaps a line of booths. We can offer you the best solutions with shortest set up times.

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