Roll Up, Exhibition Stand, Prices and Models

Welcome to the world of professional advertising! TETRIX is a market leading provider of portable expo systems since 2006. Exhibition stands, Roll Ups and Graphical wall with Scandinavian quality and best prices. Main markets are Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. 

You look for price, quality and fast service, those are the same requirements that made us choose our suppliers too, and that is what we now offer you. Our own import, innovation lab, print, display production and warehouses guarantees you the best quality and price ratio on the market.

Roll Up Economy

Cheap Roll Up when price rules
-Yet with high-resolution print
Size: 80×200
Price 1 pcs 3 900 (All included)

Roll Up Start

Affordable Roll Up with style
-Light-weight model of Viking
Size. 85x200cm
Price 1 pcs 4 880 (All included)

Roll Up Viking

Long-life Roll Up with updatable print
-Best Scandinavian class quality!
Size: 85×200
Price 1 pcs 5 880 (All included)


Really cheap, budget solution
-When you just need some advertisement!
Size: 60×157
Price 1 pcs 1 990  (All included)

WALL TubeLite

Aluminimum Press Wall for all expo
– Cheap and fast
Size: W150-300 x H100-245
Price: From 5 000 (All included)

WALL AluLite

Strong aluminium construction
– Easy to update prints and change size
Size: W100-600 x H125-375 cm
Price: From 8 900 (All included)

WALL SlimFrame

Continues picture & Double sided feature
– Easy to update prints and change size
Size: W94-600 x H100-245 cm
Price: From 6 700 (All included)

WALL LiteTruss

(Soon in range)
Big wall in stylish truss
– Black, modern, easy, light-weight
Size: W100-600 x H100-440 cm


Cheapest modular exhibition stand
– Any shape any form with two frame widths
Size: H 245cm x W 100/150cm modules
Price: From 7 500  (Print & Frame)


Classic expo stands and easy to build
– Most flexible system for forms and shapes
Size: H100-350cm – L no limit cm
Price: From 8 900 (All included)


EXPO BOX SlimFrame

Easy to build, interlocking fabric frames
– Just link the frames toghether as you like
Size: H 250cm x W 100/150cm modules
Price: From 10 700 (Print & Frame)

EXPO BOX LiteTruss

(Soon in range)
A popular truss stand with Rock n’ Roll spirit
– No tools, just a lot of style and looks
Size: H100-440cm – L -no limit- cm


Counters and presentation stands
– A professional way to meet customers
Size: Standard and taylored sizes


A-stands and outdoor banner systems
– Make outdoor your customers find you
Size: Standard and taylored sizes
Price: From 6 900 (All included)


Advertising with interior design
– Style and branding
Size: Standard and taylored sizes
Price: From 450


Large format banderolls and banners
– Outdoor signs, posters and banners
Size: Any
Price: From 1 400 


Going to an exhibition or need to improve the visibility of your product, service or brand? TETRIX products at Ekspofabrika offers you a wide range of Roll-Ups, Exhibition Stands, Graphic Walls and other display systems in all sizes, prices and formats. Write us an e-mail or give us a call +7 921 934-73-35 and we will be happy to help you find the solution. We can also design and produce your advertising displays and shop stands from scratch, as we have our own display system factory located in Finland. Please visit for inspiration and whole range of products.